Are You Thinking Of Having Your Furniture Custom Painted?

*Print This Page For A Reference, So That You’ll Be Ready To Meet With Your Furniture Artist*

1)   Pick out the exact color of paint that you want ahead of time.

Go to the paint store and gather some color cards that really appeal to you.
Take the cards home and look at them in the room where the piece(s) of furniture will be placed.
Notice how the light changes during different times of the day and with different lighting.
When you decide on a color, you really want to be 100% SURE.

2) Do you want your piece(s) of furniture “distressed” ?
That is to give the piece(s) of furniture character by one of two ways:

First Way) Paint A Base Color In Say Eggshell Blue.
Then Paint A Top Coat In Say Olive Green. After 72  hours of drying time, lightly sand in places where the piece(s) would take normal wear over the years… on the corners, a little around the legs, etc., this will allow the underneath color Eggshell Blue, to show up through the Olive green giving beautiful and unique character to the furniture.

Second Way) Paint the piece(s) the color of choice. After 72 hours of drying time, sand in the places where the piece would take normal wear over the years, allowing the natural wood to show up through the paint. This too is beautiful. It’s a technique which gives your furniture a vintage, classic, shabby chic look.

3) Do you wish to add additional work to the furniture?
Such as graphics, image transfers, muraling, and/or some decoupage?

If you are having trouble deciding what you really like, go to and put “painted furniture” in the Search Box. This should help you a lot!

4) Also decide whether or not you want DOWN THE SIDES of the drawers finished and also the INSIDES of the drawers, cabinets, etc., finished.
Be prepared to wait a bit longer to get your piece(s) back and to spend a little more money because it is considerably more work.  However, my clients who have had the “all-the-way” have been very, very happy.

Enclosed is a photo with the sides painted as well as the sides of the drawers. As you can see, it adds quite a lot to the overall look of the piece. I would definitely do it, if it were me!