FauxReal Art Studio, LLC.





Desk Top

Michelle Felmlee, Owner And Artist Of M&M Embellishments
Brandy Kollenborn, Owner And Design Artist Of Brushed By Brandy
Chris Jeanquenat,  Artist And Calligrapher At Wanderdlust Gallery
Kelly Huskins, a.k.a. Whimsykel, Creator Of Eye Love Hue Paint Co.
Crystin Min, Owner And Design Artist Of Eclat Designs By Crystin
Gigi Shonk Hall, Owner And Design Artist of Painted Restorations
Annissa Moriarty, Owns Niss And That & "Forever Young" Gallery
Jo Shennan Semington, Owner Of Imperfectly Perfect- UK, Europe
Angie Stewart, Founder And Artist Of Rock Star Glam House
CeCe Cheryl Hunt, Owner And Artist Of CeCe Restyled
Heike Pixie Burleigh, Owner And Artist Of Serendipity Designs
Theresa Davis, Owner And Artist of T's Essential Inspirations
Carolyn Muncy, Owner And Artist Of Ransomed Relics
Susan Tuthill, Owner And Artist Of REHABArt
Calle Ratkovich, Owner And Artist Of Calle's reDesigns
Bea Hare, CEO Of Luv My Stuff,  Inventor Of Sugar Paint, Australia
Leah Noel Rex, Owner And Artist Of Leah Noel Design Company
Angela D' Souza, Owner, Watercolor Artist Of Color In The Water
Lina Docken, Owner And Artist Of Cocoon To Butterfly
Jo R Rohal, Owner And Artist Of Click2Restore
Thea Osborne, Owner And Artist Of Thea At That Sweet Tea Life
Melissa Scola-Staude, Owner And Artist Of Melissa's Perfect Pieces
Erika Szilvai, Owner Of French Country Design
Nasiha Kovacs, Owner and Artist Of New Life Furniture
Dawna Dansby, Owner, Design Artist Of FauxReal Art Studio, LLC

The Elite Twenty5
"Members Of Distinction"